As the end of exam season nears, my friends and I (who luckily only had 1 exam) took a day trip to Liverpool to pass the time. I had never been before but will definitely be returning as I absolutely loved it! We were lucky in terms of the weather, which naturally makes any trip more pleasant, but overall it is a fab place. The architecture is beautiful and the people we spoke to; even briefly, like the man my friend asked to borrow a lighter from and gave her one of his own, were lovely. Of course as it was my friends and I we had to take a trip to Probe Records, which had come highly recommended by the Guardian and had the added allure of having been the work place of Holly Johnson, pre- Frankie. Well I don’t think anything has ever been such a massive let down as that shop! It was tiny, had an incredibly limited range of vinyls and smelt like cat food. All in all a damp squid.

Other than that the trip was an absolute success especially as we managed to take sneaky pictures of ourselves giving the finger to the Beatles Museum without being thrown out of Liverpool!

P.S I thoroughly recommend Maggie Mays cafe on Bold Street, their strawberry milkshake was glory in a glass.

scouse building mersey 3 mersey 2 mersey pic