This xmas when going to collect some pet food I went for a wander around the shop, peering into cages at fat hamsters and a really rather morose looking chinchilla (although if I had just been harassed by two loud small children I would look a bit upset too). It was then that I came across the adoption area, where animals that are free to a good home are placed. Looking into the bottom tank I spotted a largish brown and white Dutch rabbit who then turned towards me, presenting the other side of his face; minus an eye. Now, I have a history of taking in reject animals. I’ve had a one-eyed guinea pig, an epileptic rabbit and a rabbit that the pet shop no longer wanted as he had a hole ripped into his ear. So I knew at once that I couldn’t leave this one there, so the next morning he arrived with my friend and I had to tentatively tell my parents there was a new pet arriving!

The staff at the shop had told me that he had once had both eyes but lost one due to an infection and because of this was abandoned. This is such a cowardly thing to do, there are numerous places that take unwanted pets in so why anyone abandons them really is ridiculous to me!

His case highlights the importance of taking on rescued pets, as not only is he a lovely bun but his story also makes him that bit more special. So I really do hope that more people will think of taking on rescued small animals, as they are often over looked due to them often being adults and not babies.

As the comedian Jessimae Peluso says “Adopt don’t shop!”