1. Societies are ridiculously over-hyped. They are made out as the be all and end all of uni life. And that you won’t make any friends without them. NOT TRUE! I attended one society social. And it really wasn’t that great – I have a great set of friends and we all met through lectures and then through one another.
  2. No matter how pumped you are for a topic you will most likely fall asleep in several lectures.
  3. 1 am takeaways are the best type of takeaways. I’m looking at you Dominos
  4. You will lose your student ID card and probably more than once.
  5. It will take several weeks to fully understand your library and its system, no matter how well it is explained to you. YOU’RE NOT ALONE THOUGH
  6.  Be nice to ambulance workers. They listen to your drunken ramblings
  7. The best way to explore your surroundings is on your own. You can focus more and actually go to places YOU want to go. Then you can share with friends and be smug about your finds
  8. Fly posters are the worst
  9. Everyone signs up to too many societies at the freshers fair. And then attends one thing, once.
  10. You will cry in your room more than once. Way after freshers is over.
  11. People who say they are not scared of starting uni are LIARS
  12. All nighters are never a good idea. Ever.
  13.  Clubbing is certainly not the only thing to do at night. Don’t let people tell you you’re boring if you don’t like it.
  14. You will repeatedly forget about food. The discovery will be grim.
  15. Towels need washing too.
  16. Don’t chat to the creepy dude at the bar. Even if it seems impolite. You know his intentions.
  17. Always have some cash on you.
  18. If your flat mates are being too loud. Yell at them. Don’t be afraid to and then not get any sleep.
  19. Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not, you WILL make friends being you.