When I first watched the trailer for “Chappie” I will admit I welled up, from less than 3 and a half minutes of footage I was already emotionally invested in the free-thinking, self-aware robot. The premise for the film is incredibly enticing, a kind of “E.T” meets “The Terminator” meets “District 9” premise. All of these films are brilliant and all of them are now classics, so in my opinion this film cannot go wrong.

On top of all this it is directed by none other than “District 9’s” hugely talented Neil Blomkamp. This fact alone means I will go and see it as the film mentioned above has had a truly profound effect on me. It is a modern day masterpiece that seamlessly combines a social commentary (on race relations in South Africa) and action, a combination that has regularly been attempted but in my eyes never been executed well, until “District 9”.

I am eagerly anticipating the release of “Chappie” and truly hope it lives up to my (admittedly very high) expectations. Hopefully it will be a box office smash and people who are not familiar with Blomkamp’s other works will discover “District 9” and learn from its powerful message and all round gloriousness.

Oh and I almost forgot. Another reason why I am so pumped for “Chappie” is because it features Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja from Die Antwoord(AKA one of my favourite music groups!!) in their first film roles. YAY.