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lion babe

Lion Babe is a duo made up of Jillian Hervey and Luca Goodman that hail from NYC and are my current obsession. I first heard their brilliantly catchy track “Jump Hi” around a month ago and was instantly hooked – if you’re looking for soulful vocals (courtesy of Jillian) and punchy beats then they are definitely for you. “Jump Hi” features Childish Gambino who happens to be one of my favourite rappers, which helped reel me in – although by the time he hits the track I was already more than impressed. Their self-titled EP really shows off their musical range, as you’re transported along a musical journey that includes a mesmerising slow-jam “Jungle Lady” and the super rad “Wonder Woman” which makes you feel like you can take on anything and be your baddest self. 

Their music is the perfect accompaniment to so many situations; laying in bed chilling, city living, getting ready to go out and most of all, summer. If you need something to listen to in the car with your friends or while you sunbathe as their minimalist yet super-catchy vibe makes them a great artist to listen to if you need to relax and un-busy your mind – because it’s impossible to feel tense when listening. Jillian’s voice is beautiful and really compliments the music, adding an extra layer of emotion to the songs, which takes them a to new levels perfection in my eyes. 

The two cover tracks that are on their SoundCloud page prove again how genius they are – their re-style of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” is pure genius. The barely there beat showcases Jillian’s vocals and forces you to focus on the lyrics and the inclusion of the chorus from Drake’s “Furthest Thing” makes it extra special and in my humble opinion; flawless. I can’t wait to see what they bless us with next because let’s face it; it will be on repeat for days on end.

I wanted to show my love of an up and coming queen in the music industry and tell you all why you should be listening to and loving her as well. After a session on Spotify’s discovery section I came across TĀLĀ, an Iranian/British singer and producer. It only took two songs for me to decide I had found my new musical love. Listening to her Alchemy EP is a haunting, magical experience that made me wishing I were in a retro independent film; eating at diners on the coast of California with my friends and having rad hair.

Her vocals alternate between being at the forefront of a track like in Unfinished Business, to being barely there and letting the pulsating electro beats do her talking, in songs like Serbia. I find this contrast between songs a unique aspect of her sound, as she seamlessly combines her talents in production and vocals, with a range of cross-cultural sounds to create a listening experience like no other. The Duchess and Unfinished Business are my favourites and to me represent her versatility within the electronic genre. The Duchess is a dark piece of music, with almost no vocals but a thrumming bass line that you feel right in your core. Whereas Unfinished Business is a fast-paced dance track that just makes me want to get up and move (even though I can’t to save my life; making my “moves” more of a flailing motion) with warbling vocals atop of it. Her love of M.I.A is certainly obvious as her tracks have the same in-your-face, unashamed bad girl vibe to them, just like M.IA’s do. TĀLĀ’s vocals also have a kind of FKA Twigs feel to them too, which once again adds to the otherworldly nature of her sound and brings another element into her  slick production.

Her amazing music combined with her lustworthy style makes her my number one UK based artist at the moment and I am not too embarrassed to divulge that when she favourited a tweet of mine I yelled a bit. So here’s to another kick ass lady who is sure to take the music industry by storm.